Six maps of the Tehran and Suburbs in Qajar period (1848 to 1925).

(Source: Nimrooz) – To see the details in the maps click on the images, hold down your mouse button, and move the pointer over the image.

The earliest map of Tehran, Fath-Ali Shah Qajar period (1826)

Created by Naskov, Russian military officer, 1826 – From the book “Visual Documentations of Iranian Cities” by Mohammad Mehryar and others. Tehran, Shayid Beheshti University, Page 147.

Tehran Map, 1826

The second map of Tehran, Mohammad Shah Qajar period (1848)

by Brezin

Tehran map, 1848

The third map of Tehran, Mohammad Shah Qajar period (1858)

by August Křziž (Austrian)

Tehran Map, 1858

Map of Tehran, Nasereddin Shah Qajar period (1891)

by Abdol-Ghaffar Khan Najmol Molk

Tehran Map, 1889

Map of Tehran, Mozaffareddin Shah Qajar period (1900)

by Alexander Friedrich Stahl

Map of private schools in Tehran, Ahmad Shah Qajar period (~1920-1925)

by Ministry of Culture

Map of Foreign Schools in Tehran, the 1920s

✤ Also available in: Persian

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