No nation’s culture is exclusive to its official, recognized, and high arts. Culture is a phenomenon that is in constant flux. Your daily life as an Iranian shapes the vast Iranian culture and actually propels it transitional momentum. In ShahreFarang we are not trying to preserve this culture but to record its transitional process.

Pictures of birthday parties, travels, and picnics in your personal albums, an old box of tea, a collection of vintage cigarettes, a collection of old post cards or match boxes can all be interesting material for showing-casing Iranian culture.

Pictures from daily Iranian lives that are unique to our culture (like the role of the motorbike in rural life or modern architecture of mosques) can also be subjects for display and exploration. In this way mundane activities that shape our identities can be given their due cultural significance.

Suggested Topics

When are open to any topic you suggest for new posts. If you are interested to see our suggestions visit our Suggested Topics page.

Technical Notes

When sending pictures or texts please follow the format bellow:

  1. When scanning images use png 24 or jpeg formats. These formats are both compact and easy to upload. Put resolution on 300dpi when scanning, so that images are scanned in bigger formats with better resolution.
  2. Please provide as much information about the pictures in the title of the image. For example, if it is a picture of Mozzafareddin Shah hunting in Firouzkooh then the title should be:
  3. Please send another file along with the pictures with explaining the picture(s). Our site’s posts are categorized by ‘subject’. The more we know about an image the better can we place it under the appropriate category.

Legal and Ethical Note

Please give credit to owner/creator of image. Also, let us know if you want your name mentioned as the photographer or owner of the image.


We welcome and encourage your suggestions. Please send them to ShahreFarang. To send your images go to “Send your images” page.

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