These postcards were drawn by the political cartoonist Kem (Kimon Evan Marengo 1907-1988), who during the Second World War produced over 3,000 propaganda cartoons for the British Ministry of Information.

Kem prepared these between March and October 1942. The illustrations are based on five scenes from the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi. The battle between the Allies and the Axis powers was depicted here as the mythical battle between Fereydoon and Zahhak.

* Pictures from the collections of Ali Parsa and Mahmoud Omidsalar.
Zahak in World War II - 1

Hitler, embodying Zahhak, sits on a throne, with a blossoming tree in the background.

Zahak in World War II - 2

Hitler exults in the conquest and punishment of his enemies.

Zahak in World War II - 3

Hitler anxiously dreams of the arrival of three saviors on horseback.

Images no. 5 and no. 6 from the collection of Zahak

Left: Kavah waves his leather flag before Hitler. Kavah represents the spirit of revolt, and his flag represents the triumph of good over evil. The tree is now in full leaf. Right: Kavah, holding aloft his flag, leads a weary horse bearing a bound and crownless Hitler, while the three-horsed saviors ride alongside.

✤ Also available in: Persian

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