Iranshahr was a magazine that Hussein Kazem-Zadeh published in Berlin from 1922 to 1927. At the time Iranshahr was one of the most influential journals in Persian published outside Iran. Many prominent figures, including Mohammad Ghazvini, Abbas Eqbal-Ashtiani, Morteza Moshfegh-Kazemi, Sadegh Rezazadeh-Shafagh, Gholamreza Rashid-Yasemi, Ebrahim Pourdavoud and others wrote articles for Iranshahr. Of the 263 articles published in the journal, 73 articles are on the importance of public secular education, 45 articles are on the need to improve the status of women, 30 articles are on Iran’s pre-Islamic period, and 40 articles are on modern science and some esoteric European beliefs. Here are some of the articles from the first and second year of its publication.

✤ Also available in: Persian

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